Teachers of Mathematics and Computer Science department

Crt. No Name Teaching degree Domain E-mail
1 Popescu Constantin Prof.univ.dr.
Director of Departament
Criptography and Data Security, electronic payment system cpopescu@uoradea.ro
2 Gal Sorin Prof.univ.dr. Approximation Theory,Numerical Analysis,  Real and Complex Analysis,  Geometrical Theory of variable functions, Hipercomplex,  Fuzzy Mathematics galso@uoradea.ro
3 Ursul Mihail Prof.univ.dr. Rings of Endomorfisms of locally compact abelian groups ursul@uoradea.ro
4 Bălaj Mircea Prof.univ.dr. Kkm Theory and applications mbalaj@uoradea.ro
5 Ban Adrian Prof.univ.dr. Fuzzy measure, Fuzzy dinamical system and intuitionistic sets aiban@uoradea.ro
6 Oros Gheorghe Prof.univ.dr. Univalent functions, differential subordination, geometrical theory of analytic functions goros@uoradea.ro
7 Paşca Daniel Prof.univ.dr. Theory of critical points with application in nonlinear functional analysis dpasca@uoradea.ro
8 Bica Alexandru Associate Professor dr.  Mathematical modeling of biological phenomens by ordinary differential equations mbica@uoradea.ro
9 Căuş Aurel Associate Professor dr.  Spline functions and applications vcaus@uoradea.ro
10 Fechete Ioan Associate Professor dr.  Computational algebra ifechete@uoradea.ro
11 Muresan Sorin Associate Professor dr.  Metric fixed point structure smuresan@uoradea.ro
12 Drăgan Mircea Associate Professor dr.  Mathematic Software and parallel computing mdragan@uoradea.ro
13 Cicortaş Graţiela


Lecturer dr. The study of critical points for Hamiltonian and geotedic systems   cicortas@uoradea.ro
14 Borşa Emilia Lecturer dr. Applied mathematics, fluid mechanics eborsa@uoradea.ro
15 Tripe Adela Lecturer dr. Rings and topological modules tadela@uoradea.ro
16 Alb Lupaş Alina Lecturer dr. Groups, modules and topological rings; categorical aspects dalb@uoradea.ro
17 Bede Barnabas Lecturer dr. Fuzzy mathematics bbede@uoradea.ro
18 Catas Adriana Lecturer dr. Linear algebra, geometrical analitics, geometrical theory of analical functions acatas@uoradea.ro
19 Oros Georgia Irina Lecturer dr. Geometrical theory of analical functions goros@uoradea.ro
20 Degeratu Marian Lecturer Applicated Mathematics , Graphics and computer simulations mariand@uoradea.ro
21 Erzse Daniel Lecturer Astronomy derzse@uoradea.ro
22 Popa Loriana Lecturer Heyting Algebra ( implicative algebra;Mapping modules) lori_andrei@yahoo.com
23 Drăgan Simona Lecturer The study of asymptotic behavior of infinite dimensional linear system with control sdragan@uoradea.ro
24 Fechete Dorina Lecturer Universal Algebra dfechete@uoradea.ro
25 Noje Dan Lecturer Multivalent algebra and artificial intelligence dnoje@uoradea.ro
26 Scurtu Sorin Lecturer Primitive recursive functions laocon@uoradea.ro
27 Oros Horea Lecturer Operating Systems, Criptography and Data Security, distributed security protocols horos@uoradea.ro
28 Laslo Eugen Assistant Parallel and distributed computing and interdependence computing architectures lasloeugen@yahoo.com
29 Ion Vasile Emilian Assistant Operating Systems. Networks vion@uoradea.ro
30 Kos Victor Assistant Imaging. Multithreding, Intelligent evaluation systems vkos@uoradea.ro
31 Merca Roman Delia Assistant Approximation theory in complex analysis, Parallel computing dmerca@uoradea.ro
32 Seremi Liana Assistant Spline functions and applications  
33 Lucian Coroianu Assistant    
34 Viorica Purje Assistant Teacher    


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