Chemistry department

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In the Chemistry Department the following laboratories are working:

  • Qualitative and quantitative analytical chemistry laboratory
  • General chemistry, chemistry and electrochemistry polluted environments laboratory
  • Inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry laboratory
  • Organic chemistry, biochemistry laboratory
  • Chemistry- physical and instrumental analysis laboratory
  • Chemical Technology Laboratory (B07 bis)
  • Balance room (B112 bis)
  • Dissolution, evaporation, noxious gas bubbling laboratory
  • Spectrophotometric analysis and research laboratory
  • Computerized chemistry laboratory
  • Electron microscopy laboratory (jointly with the Engineering Managerial and Technological Faculty)
  • Spectral analysis laboratory ( jointly with the Physics Department)


Research directions

  • Polyoxometalates chemistry (synthesis, physicochemical characterization, uses)
  • Wastewater purification
  • Characterization of geothermal waters
  • Thin layer chromatography of plant extracts
  • Study the enzymatic activity of hydrolases in plant tissues



Phone:  0040259408157 (Director) / 0040259408430  (Secretariat) Fax: 0040259408461 (dean's office)


Web address:



Chemistry Department, Science Faculty, University of Oradea

Street Universităţii No. 1 cod 410087 Oradea - ROMANIA, B building, Hall 5

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