Biology Department

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The biology research team deals with the following research subjects: Fauna Research in Forest Ecosystems, Rare and Endemic Species of the Romanian Fauna,  Research of the Oligochete fauna in Bazinul Crişurilor; Research on fish nutrition; Geothermal water radioactivity genotype effects on plants and animals, Agricultural technical effects on soil microbiology, Multiplication of Cymbidium protocorms on various culture media, Multiplication "in vitro" to Chrysanthenum sp, micropropagation "in vitro" to Diantlhus sp., rhyzogene powders study of multiplication by cuttings of carnations etc.


  • Plant morphology and physiology Laboratory
  • Plant Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Plant Systematics and Phytopathology Laboratory
  • Invertebrate Zoology and Entomology Laboratory
  • Genetics and Anthropology Laboratory
  • Vertebrate Zoology, Hydrobiology, Ecology and Ichthyology Laboratory
  • Animal Anatomy, Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
  • Cytology and Electronic Microscopy Laboratory
  • Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory
  • Cellular, Molecular Biology and Animal Histo-embryology Laboratory


Phone: 0040259408255 (Director) / 0040259408430 (Secretariat) FAX: 0040259408461 (Dean's office)


Biology Department, Faculty of Science, University of Oradea
Street Universităţii No. 1 cod 410087 Oradea - ROMANIA, Building C, Hall 11

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