Teachers of Chemistry Department

Crt. no First Name and Last Name Teaching Degree Email
1 Alexandrina FODOR Associate Professor dr.  afodor@uoradea.ro
2 Alina CĂRĂBAN Associate Professor dr. acaraban@uoradea.ro
3 Oana STĂNĂŞEL Associate Professor dr.
Department Director
4 Georgeta GAVRIŞ Associate Professor dr.  georgeta_gavris@yahoo.com
5 Sorin HODIŞAN Lecturer dr. hodisan.sorin@yahoo.com
6 Mioara SEBEŞAN Lecturer dr. msebesan@uoradea.ro
7 Claudia MORGOVAN Lecturer dr. cmorgovan@yahoo.com
8 Sanda BOTA Lecturer dr. sbota@yahoo.com
9 Vasilica MERCA Lecturer viorica.merca@gmail.com
10 Anda PETREHELE Lecturer pcorinamara@yahoo.com
11 Alina COSMA Lecturer acozma@uoradea.ro


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