Admittance july 2013

Informations about july 2013 admittance on Faculty of Science can be found in the below attachements.

Methodology for the graduation exam 2013

Methodology for the graduation exam 2013 and the procedure for the elaboration of graduation you can see in the attachments below.

New website of Science Faculty

Starting from april all new informations will be posted on the new website. The old website will remain online for a while and will have a link to the new web site.

Thank you everyone for help or contribution to this project:

  • Dean prof. dr. Sanada Monica Filip,
  • Lecturer Dan Noje,
  • Assistant Ion Vasile Emilian,
  • Students: Paşc Rareş, Popa Remus, Andor Camelia, Alin Farcaş, Istvan Kelemen, Ionuţ Iancău.

Tematică licenţă 2013

În ataşamente puteţi găsi tematica pentru licenţă 2013 pentru specializările:

  • biologie
  • chimie
  • ecologie şi protecţia mediului
  • fizică medicală
  • informatică
  • matematică
  • matematică-informatică


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