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Department of Biology
The themes approached by the teaching staff of the Department of Biology in collaboration with experts of other establishments: in vitro plants multiplication (Cymbidium protocorms, Chrysanthemum sp., Dianthus sp., Saintpaulia sp. etc.) on various culture mediums, the study of rhysogene powder influences concerning carnation propagate by cuttings, the effect of environment pollution about vegetable species, fauna research in forestry ecosystem, rare and endemic species of Romania’s fauna, plotting of herpetofauna on the western part of the country, researches on the acqautic Oligochaeta fauna by the Crisul rivers basin, research concerning fishes nutrition, the latero-cephalic sensory canal system of some fish species, the study of spreading and dynamic of terrestrially and aquatically invertebrate communities, the effect of geothermal water radioactivity about plant and animal genotypes, the effect of agricultural technical about soil microbiology, the studies of human genetic diseases.

The Department of Biology has the following laboratories

  1. Plant Morphology and Physiology Laboratory
  2. Plants Biotechnology Laboratory
  3. Systematic and Phytopathology Laboratory
  4. Invertebrates Zoology and Entomology Laboratory
  5. Genetics and Anthropology Laboratory
  6. Vertebrates Zoology, Hydrobiology, Ecology and Ichtiology Laboratory
  7. Animal and Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
  8. Cytology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory
  9. Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory
  10. Cellular and Molecular Biology and Animal Histo-embriology Laboratory

In these laboratories is achieved practical proceeding at disciplines stipulated for syllabus, these activities are completed with ground practical on academic year or at the end of the first and second years of study in practical period.
The Department of Biology has a greenhouse (former Expo-Flora) were is now arrangement as well as a plants exposition and there are two laboratories for students activities, three small laboratories for plants biotechnology and an exposition room of teaching aid and plants vitrocollections, cultivated in aseptically conditions on complex medium culture.


TEL: 0040259408255 (Director) / 0040259408430 (Secretariat) FAX: 0040259408461

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Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Universtiy of Oradea
Universitatii St., No.1, 410087 Oradea - ROMANIA, Building C, Room 11