Centre de cercetare ale departamentului de Biologie

Centre de cercetare: 

Plan de cercetare 2010-2011
Cercetări postdoctorale

Model de Certificat


1. Legal status

The Biological Research Centre functions within the University of Oradea, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology. University of Oradea is a State University.

1.3. Establishment act:
The Research Center was established in November 8. 2005 following the judgment of the Senate of the University of Oradea no. 13669/8.11.2005., In the Faculty of Science, Department of Biology.

1.4. Registration number in Potential business contractors registry: 1155 (Universitatea din Oradea)

1.5. Centre director: conf.univ.dr. Burcă Sabin, str. Universităţii nr. 1 pav. M, sala MS05 Oradea, 410087, tel: 0259-408229

1.6. Address: str. Universităţii nr. 1 pav. M, sala MS05 Oradea, 410087

1.7. Faculty / Department: Faculty of Science / Department of Biology.

1.8. Phone, fax, website, e-mail:
Tel: 0259-408161, 0259-408229

1.9. Scientific secretary: lecturer dr. Blidar Cristian, str. Universităţii nr. 1 pav. M, sala MS05 Oradea, 410087, e-mail: cblidar@uoradea.ro


2. Specialized field

UNESCO classification:

• 24 Life sciences

2401 Animal biology (zoology) 
2405 Biometrics
2407 Cell Biology
2409 Genetics  
2413 Insect biology  
2414 Microbiology  
2415 Molecular biology 
2417 Botanics
2499 Other specialties in biology

CAEN classification:

581: Publishing of books, journals, and more
721: Research and development on natural sciences and engineering
854: Higher education
856: Support services for education


3. Unit status on research and development 

3.1. The mission of the research and development, directions of research, development and innovation:
The Center's mission is to conduct research in research grants and contracts made ​​independently or in collaboration with other institutions in the country or abroad in the research area mentioned.
Research directions:

  1. Initiation of plant cell cultures and their subculturing under various environments 
  2. Removing hyperhidrosis of vitroculturs
  3. Plant reactivity to vitroculture under various environmental conditions
  4. Identification of optimal substrates for plant acclimatization
  5. Establish the optimal conditions for rapid multiplication "in vitro"  of willow and poplar species in order to obtain acclimatization and plant biomass as energy source
  6. Micropropagation, conservation "in vitro" and acclimatization of endangered plant species
  7. Study aquatic organisms (benthos, ichtyofauna) and the environmental factors that influence them
  8. Studies of soil enzymology
  9. Study of the influence of thermal waters on the biology and ecology of amphibians
  10. Mapping fauna of amphibians and reptiles in the country
  11. Research trophic spectrum of some amphibians, hybridism and their physiology

3.2. How to exploit the results of research, development, innovation and the degree of recognition

Research results are exploited by publications in ISI journals indexed in international databases, CNCSIS recognition, through participation in national and international conferences.

Ca recunoaştere a centrului acesta are un membru conducător de doctorate, membri experţi evaluatori CNCSIS, membri evaluatori ARACIS, citări ale lucrărilor în articole din reviste cotate ISI, membri în colectivele de redacţie sau de referenţi ale nor reviste reviste cotate ISI, indexate în baze de date internaţionale, recunoscute CNCSIS,  cotarea revistei Analele Universităţii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie în baze de date internaţionale baza rezumatelor la Institutul de Informare a Ştiinţei (Thomson ISI) în produsul ZR (Zoological Record) şi recenta cotare ISI a revistei North Western Journal of Zoology editată de membri centrului de cercetare.
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